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Matra is a percussion-based ensemble that draws its influences from jazz, Indian, world, and bluegrass music. 
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Releasing its first full-length, self-titled album, Matra has created an amalgamation of playful melodies, complex rhythms, and soulful grooves. Matra premiered these works at a concert in May 2016, entitled Matra: Eastern and Western at the Southern. 

The album draws much of its influence from global genres.  The album’s first track, Room 57, harnesses the ensemble's Indian music influence, with a slow, smoky build into the powerful arrival of a disjunct, turning melody. Meterhey blends influences of Indian rhythmic ideas alongside the sounds of imitated taxi horns from Mumbai. Zousan is an arrangement of a Japanese children’s song, and 10am is rooted in a flowing, bluegrass-style backbeat.

Matra's bassist, Ryan Hays, shines in the introduction to Blaze, a tender ballad that pays tribute to marimbist Jenny Klukken's childhood pet, her horse Blaze. Vibist Andres Crovetti's composition, D5, is a powerful composition elliciting compelling marimba and tabla cadenzas. The album finishes with Until We Get There. This track was originally conceived of by drummer Mat Solace, but was workshopped by the entire ensemble to create a unifying and dynamic closing track. 

Band Bio

Matra is a percussion-based ensemble that performs original compositions.  Matra finds its influences in a wide variety of genres, including jazz, classical, Indian, world, bluegrass, and prog-rock. Matra consists of Andres Crovetti on Vibraphone, Jenny Klukken on Marimba, Ryan Hays on bass, Mathew Solace on drum set, and Krissy Bergmark on tabla. 

Matra's performances include events for Minnesota Public Radio's Pop-up Classical, the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, MacPhail Center for Music events, touring as MPR's 2015 Class Notes Artists, and a residency at Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar in Lowertown St. Paul. 

Video Sample                                                      10am by Krissy Bergmark


Album Preview Track

Track Listing

1. 10am

2. Room 57

3. Zousan

4. Life in a Day

5. Meterhey

6. Bepson

7. Blaze

8. The Real Moves

9. D5

10. Until We Get There




Sounds Like

Melody of Rhythm (Fleck, Meyer, Hussain)

George Brooks

Bela Fleck


Mat Solace -

Krissy Bergmark - (708) 466-4424

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